Ancillary and Incidental Buildings

For most these terms ‘Ancillary and ‘Incidental’ are unfamiliar and not used frequently at all.However, when it comes to Annexe building, there is a crucial difference between the two in termsof planning. We hope that NAPC can provide some clarification on the subject. From many reports and research, garden buildings and annexes have never been […]

When will my garden room require planning permission?

In some instances garden rooms and similar buildings can fall into Permitted Development, sotherefore do not require planning permission, however not all cases are like this.These are the factors to consider as it may determine whether planning permission is required.Consider: Will it occupy no more than 50% of the available space around your house What […]

A simple guide to planning your retirement budget

Many of us look forward to retiring and taking life a little easier. But it’s important to plan ahead to ensure your finances give you the spending power you need to feel comfortable and financially secure – especially when you could need your pot to last many years. There are two kinds of pension you […]